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For those who spend all day at home, for those who are only happy when they take off their shoes or for those who count every second until they put their key in the door, this is our recommendation: invest in the comfort of your daily life by installing efficient windows.

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Advantages of efficient windows?

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Aluminium or PVC, higher or lower resistance to weathering, greater soundproofing, different styles. Your comfort starts here.


If you're going for energy efficiency in your home, this range could be the ideal solution. It also allows a wide range of aesthetic solutions, such as finishes in any colour, or even imitating wood.

If you're looking for a more versatile product for higher-end design solutions, this range could be for you. It is also the material most commonly recommended for large windows, or for buildings that are more exposed to external factors such as the sea.

Aluminium or PVC, higher or lower resistance to weathering, greater soundproofing, different styles. Your comfort starts here.


The Aluminium F070 series stands out for its superior thermal performance, and high level of water and air tightness. Ideal for more demanding environments where looks are also taken into account. In this series, the anti-intrusion guarantee is reinforced by security hardware on windows and sliding doors. Versatile, the series allows various opening systems such as casement, tilt-and-turn, pivot, and tilt. Get to know all the details of this solution.
To guarantee the best thermal and acoustic performance on the market, the Aluminium HV70 series has triple seals which, combined with the extra anti-intrusion security afforded by its security hardware, make it one of the best solutions on the market. With regard to design, you can choose between standard or custom colours or a wood-effect finish, with various opening systems (casement, tilt-and-turn, pivot, and tilt). Discover all the advantages of this solution.
To take advantage of large openings, daylight and unobstructed views, the Aluminium C70 series offers quality windows and sliding doors. An effective and durable choice, with easy sliding and silent opening, the 70 mm-deep profiles permit doors of up to 2500 mm. Windows and doors can be customised in a variety of ways, both with regard to colour and finish. A great solution that combines comfort, durability and safety. Find out more about this solution.
Solely dedicated to sliding doors, the PVC C70 series is perfect for large surfaces. With its smart-slide series locking mechanism, it’s sure to run smoothly, whatever the size of the sliding door. Thanks to its double glazing, the PVC C70 series guarantees thermal insulation that reduces energy losses by up to 68%, as well as insulating against noise, rain and wind. With regard to security, the series is fitted with steel reinforcement and anti-intrusion hardware.
PVC W70 series casement and tilt-and-turn windows are the best way to increase the energy efficiency of your home. The investment made in PVC windows is recovered within a short period of time, after which you will enjoy many years of savings and comfort. With modern thermography, the heat loss of buildings can be seen in different shades, highlighting the weaknesses in the envelope and points for improvement.
The PVC W70 Plus series casement and tilt-and-turn windows are even more insulating and efficient than the C70 series, thanks to their triple seal. The investment made in PVC windows is recovered within a short period of time, after which you will enjoy many years of savings and comfort. With modern thermography, the heat loss of buildings can be seen in different shades, highlighting weaknesses in the façade and points for improvement.
The PVC W76 Energeto Neo series is characterised by an extremely elegant profile and a slimmer appearance in line with the latest design trends. There is a recessed version that sets back the sash, and a flush version for a sheer, uniform look.

Example of PVC windows with double glazing projects

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  • Tilt and Turn Window

    1 leaf
  • Casement Window

    1 leaf
  • Tilt and Turn Window

    2 leaves
  • Tilt and Turn Window

    2 leaves
*Prices include VAT, disassembly, transportation, and assembly for a project of 4 windows
Total amount: 2558€

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To make your life easier, we’ve partnered with ActivoBank to offer an exclusive collaboration that will allow you to have the comfortable home of your dreams without exceeding your monthly budget.
The first step? Use the simulator to select the amount you need and the term that suits you best. Then, confidently move towards a more sustainable tomorrow.


A significant improvement in your windows for a small monthly amount.

Financing solution for this project:

ECOACTIVO Personal Credit

Financing up to 48 months for amounts up to €3,000 and up to 84 months for amounts starting from €3,001. – APR 5.5% | Nominal Interest Rate (TAN) 4.0%.

Representative example calculated based on an APR of 6.3%, TAN 4.000%, with a monthly installment of €57.94, for a financing of €2,558 over 48 months. Total amount owed by the consumer is €2,879.35, including a credit opening commission of €51.16, interest, and Stamp Duty for the use of credit, on interest and commission(s). Subject to credit risk analysis.


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Efficient Windows may be eligible for public subsidies. There are two relevant programmes: · The Programa de Apoio a Edifícios mais Sustentáveis (Support Programme for More Sustainable Buildings) aims to reimburse part of the investment made by owners in improving the energy efficiency of their buildings. To be eligible, the equipment and materials used in the investment must meet energy efficiency requirements, and be rated A+ or higher. This programme covers houses, flats and buildings, and the financial support for class A+ efficient windows finances 85% of the replacement of windows up to a limit of €2000 in the districts of Lisbon and Porto, and €2200 in the rest of the country. In the new announcement made by the More Sustainable Buildings Programme, €30 million (out of a total of €100 million) is available. Applications can be submitted from 16 August until 31 October. · The Programa Vale Eficiência (Efficiency Voucher Programme) is intended to alleviate energy poverty in the homes of economically vulnerable households. Beneficiaries of the social electricity tariff (TSEE) can apply for a voucher worth €1,300 plus VAT, which can be used to purchase services, materials or equipment that improve the energy performance of their homes. It is important to note that the applicant must be the owner of the dwelling and not have already been a beneficiary of this programme. At Livo, we are ready to provide more information and guidance on both programmes. Contact our experts for support with applications.
By opting for Efficient Windows certified with the ADENE Class+ energy label, you will enjoy several advantages. This label contributes to the energy class attributed to your home, as the technical information can be consulted by the qualified expert responsible for the home's energy certification. This has been mandatory for selling or renting a property since 2013, and provides information on energy efficiency and expected consumption. In addition, the Class+ energy label demonstrates a commitment to the energy efficiency of your home, offering economic, sustainable and comfort benefits.
The time needed for the process of removing the old windows and installing our new efficient windows can vary, depending on the number of windows involved. This process usually takes about a morning or a day. At Livo, our priority is to offer a service that is convenient for you. We have a team of qualified and certified professionals who work to ensure the correct, safe and long-lasting performance of the windows. That way, you can rest assured that we'll get the job done as quickly as possible, so you can enjoy your home improvements within a reasonable time frame.
Efficient aluminium windows are light and strong. Very reliable, their cost is competitive if we’re talking about profiles without additional features. Aluminium is not as efficient as regards acoustic insulation and protection from the cold, but it is possible to enhance its performance by using double glazing, sealing gaskets or perimeter hardware on aluminium window sashes. The cost of this upgraded version will be more in line with that of PVC windows, so it is important to evaluate your case. PVC ranges, on the other hand, can withstand the harshest climates – think rain and cold, think 40°C in the shade. If solving these issues is top of your priorities, these ranges are a great answer. It is also possible to choose between different types of glazing (single, double or triple), and different models (tilt-and-turn, casement, sliding or tilt). They resist condensation and heat loss and are easy to clean. That said, we can say that without the help of Livo counsellors, it may not be easy to choose the right model. We're here to steer you in the right direction: towards a happier home.
At Livo, we value the quality of our products and your satisfaction. That's why our windows are designed and manufactured with high-quality components, ensuring energy-efficient solutions. This allows us to offer a 10-year guarantee on PVC and aluminum profiles. 5 years for the glass and for the installation of the work, and another 3 years for the hardware. Our windows feature SUN and Saint Gobain glass, and are manufactured with steel and PVC profiles of German origin, manufactured by ALUPLAST. This ensures a durable, reliable and high-quality product for your home. We are committed to offering you excellent products and we are confident that you will enjoy our windows for many years to come.
Do you have your windows closed, but still hear every car that goes by in the street? Are you wearing three jumpers, two polo shirts and a hat around the house during winter? Worse, do you get excessive electricity bills all year? These are some of the hints your home gives you that show your windows are not contributing to your well-being. If your goal is to feel more comfortable, save more at the end of the month and make better use of your resources, this is the way to go. Talk to us!
The ECOActivo Personal Credit can be requested through the ActivoBank app. You can simulate the conditions that best suit your situation and proceed with the credit request through the following page:
The approval of the credit is subject to ActivoBank's approval, and the bank may request, among others, your regular expenses, the last three pay slips, and the model 3 of the IRS declaration.
In ECOActivo Credit, the requested amount must be between €1,000 and €75,000. The repayment terms range from 12 to 48 months for amounts up to €3,000 and from 18 to 84 months for amounts above €3,001.
At this stage, you will need to present a budget or a proforma invoice that details the Livo products you will install (we can assist you with this).
Once the credit is approved, the amount will be credited to your account.
APR of 8.0%, Nominal Interest Rate (TAN) of 6.250%, monthly installment of €74.25, for an example of financing €5,000 over 84 months. Total amount owed by the consumer is €6,429, including a Credit opening commission of €100, interest, Stamp Duty for the use of Credit, and on interest and commission. Credit opening commission of 2% on the financed amount, with a maximum of €300.
Credit simulation and request are made upon presentation of the budget for the expenses to be incurred. Refund of the credit opening commission (2% on the financed amount, with a maximum of €300), upon presentation of a receipt dated after the financing.
Subject to Credit decision.
You can apply for the credit even if you do not have an account with ActivoBank. After the required documentation is analyzed, and if the credit is approved, the amount will be credited to the IBAN you provide.